Does your ECCN have nuclear end-use or end-user based controls? (Consult Part 744 and Supplement No. 4 to Part 744)


Part 744 covers end-use and end-user based controls. The following nuclear end-use controls are specifically identified under 744.2:

  • End-use is for nuclear explosive device;
  • End-use is for heavy water, enrichment or reprocessing facilities under IAEA safeguards; or
  • End-use is for a facility not under IAEA safeguards.

Supplement No. 4 to Part 744 - the Entity List covers end-user controls by country. This list should be consulted be consulted for any potential end-user.



Final determinations as to export control applicability are made after a full review by the appropriate U.S. Government agency. Use of this Export Compliance Guide does not constitute U.S. Government review, is not DOE/NNSA advice or a determination, and is provided for the user's convenience only.