Based on your review of the EAR, do you know your commodity’s Department of Commerce (DOC) Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) classification in the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) (i.e. ECCN or EAR99)?


If your export is not subject to any other agency's jurisdiction, then the Department of Commerce (DOC) Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) has licensing authority, and your export is subject to the Export Administration Regulations (EAR). Consult the Commerce Control List to determine whether your item has a specific Export Control Classification Number (ECCN). If your export does not have a specified ECCN, then it is considered EAR99. Note that it will be one of these two designations.

The following nuclear dual-use items and their respective ECCNs shown below are only a portion of those controlled for nuclear or nuclear-related activities:

Category 0 — Nuclear Materials, Facilities, and Equipment
  • Power generating or propulsion equipment “specially designed” for use with space, marine or mobile “nuclear reactors” (0A002)
  • Software (0D001)
  • Technology (0E001)
Category 1 — Special Materials and equipment:
  • High-density (lead glass or other) radiation shielding windows (1A227)
  • Turboexpanders or turboexpander-compressor sets (1B232)
  • Maraging steels (1C116, 1C216)
  • Boron enriched in B-10 (1C225)
  • Tungsten, tungsten carbide, and alloys (1C226)
  • Beryllium (1C230)
  • Hafnium (1C231)
  • Helium-3 (1C232)
  • Lithium enriched in Li-6 (1C233)
  • Zirconium (1C234)
  • Radionuclides appropriate for making neutron sources with alpha-n reactions (1C236)
  • Radium-226 (1C237)
  • Nickel powder or porous nickel metal (1C240)
  • Rhenium (1C241)
  • Graphite (1C298)
  • Software related to above Category 1 items (2D001, 2D101, 2D201)
  • Technology related to above Category 1 items (2E001, 2E002, 2E101, 2E102, 2E201, 2E202, 2E203)
Category 2 — Materials processing:
  • Bellows-sealed valves (2A226 and 2A999.a)
  • Generators and other equipment (2A290)
  • Equipment (except 2A290) related to nuclear material handling and processing and to nuclear reactors, and parts and components and accessories (2A291)
  • Machine tools (2B001 and 2B201)
  • Dimensional inspection or measuring systems and related equipment (2B006, 2B206)
  • Robots, end-effectors, and control units (2B007, 2B207)
  • Remote manipulators (2B225)
  • Bellows-sealed scroll-type compressors and vacuum pumps (2B233)
  • Software related to above Category 2 items (2D001, 2D002, 2D101, 2D201, 2D202, 2D290)
  • Technology related to above Category 2 items (2E001, 2E002, 2E101, 2E201, 2E290)



Final determinations as to export control applicability are made after a full review by the appropriate U.S. Government agency. Use of this Export Compliance Guide does not constitute U.S. Government review, is not DOE/NNSA advice or a determination, and is provided for the user's convenience only.