Does the technology/assistance involve civilian nuclear reactor development, production, or use (i.e. not including production, space, or maritime reactors)?


  • Development (per DOE 10 CFR 810.3) means any activity related to all phases before production such as: Design, design research, design analysis, design concepts, assembly and testing of prototypes, pilot production schemes, design data, process of transforming design data into a product, configuration design, integration design, and layouts.
  • Production (per DOE 10 CFR 810.3) means all production phases such as: Construction, production engineering, manufacture, integration, assembly or mounting, inspection, testing, and quality assurance.
  • Production Reactor (per DOE 10 CFR 810.3) means a nuclear reactor especially designed or used primarily for the production of plutonium or uranium-233.
  • Use (per DOE 10 CFR 810.3) means operation, installation (including on-site installation), maintenance (checking), repair, overhaul, or refurbishing.



Final determinations as to export control applicability are made after a full review by the appropriate U.S. Government agency. Use of this Export Compliance Guide does not constitute U.S. Government review, is not DOE/NNSA advice or a determination, and is provided for the user's convenience only.