About U.S. Nuclear Nexus

U.S. Nuclear Nexus is maintained by UChicago Argonne, LLC, the management and operating contractor of Argonne National Laboratory, in collaboration with the National Nuclear Security Administration. Nexus is a web platform with a human interface that:
  • Connects U.S. industry to NNSA resources and expertise.
    • Provides a single point of access to NNSA and the DOE laboratory complex’s recommendations, training, working groups, reference tools, and other relevant regulations.
    • Helps U.S. companies – including suppliers, vendors, and developers of nuclear technology – to navigate export control policies and regulations.
    • Combines a human interface with a request tracking system to respond and manage support and engagement among NNSA and U.S. Government offices.
  • Helps integrate international nuclear safeguards and nuclear security early in the design process.
  • Promotes awareness among industrial and academic partners about the regulatory compliance necessary for international engagements.
Infographic describing U.S. Nuclear Nexus as a resource to engage with the NNSA on global deployment of U.S. civilian technology.
The U.S. Nuclear Nexus is your resource to engage with the NNSA on global deployment of U.S. civilian technology. U.S. industry seeking guidance to engage in international markets can utilize U.S. Nuclear Nexus. Deployment is streamlined through a single point of contact with a human connection as well as online resources and tools to enhance U.S. competitiveness. Assistance for U.S. industry includes understanding 10 CFR Part 810 export control compliance, connection with NNSA expertise, and accelerated time to market. Goals of U.S. Nuclear Nexus are early integration of safeguards, security and proliferation resistance along with safety; a responsive and positive experience connecting industry partners with the right NNSA resources; and expanded understanding of U.S. export control laws and regulations. The infographic shows the logos of U.S. Nuclear Nexus, NNSA, DOE, and Argonne.

NNSA and the DOE national laboratory complex have decades of experience and expertise in international nuclear security, international nuclear safeguards, export control compliance, and proliferation resistance in nuclear system designs. Nexus provides the U.S. civilian nuclear industry, their partners, and academia an interface to further engage with NNSA in these areas to facilitate the inclusion of key nonproliferation and security concepts early in the design process of the next generation of U.S. technologies.